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Project 52:3 | Boy World

There is a sort of child-like behavior that men really never grow out of, and I witness it every day when my husband plays with our boys. There is constant wrestling, tackling, running, jumping, dirt, and the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes I envy that playful, carefree excitement with which they do even the smallest tasks, but I’ve come to understand that’s their special bond. I want them to hold on to that amazing father/son relationship as long as possible. Watching my husband play with our boys gives me butterflies. He’s full of life and laughter, and there is still that glimmer of a fearless, fun-loving child in his eyes, and that’s what I want for our little men. All my boys appreciate the smallest things, which helps to remind me to lighten up too. For many it may have been a cold, windy, indoors kind of day, but for my boys it was a perfect opportunity to have some fun with their kites.


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  1. Boys will always keep you young! Such a great picture. I found you from Shawna’s Project 52 page. My Project 52 post this week is about how motherhood is “mouthy” at

  2. This is too sweet! What a great memory captured 🙂

  3. I love this post! We have two daughters (my husband so desperately wanted a son), but he takes on all the girly tasks with the same energy. And he may be to blame for our older daughters love of sports, hunting, and all things tom-boyish. Only.. she does them all in head to toe pink and glitter. 🙂

    I’m just popping over from the Styleberry project 52. 🙂


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