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Project 52:4 | Boy World

I’m starting to learn with my very stubborn and independent three year old that the only way to get him to do what we want when he’s in a mood (which is now most of the time) is to make him think it was his idea or make it a game. He jumps at the opportunity, although it definitely tests my patience more haha! I’ll do just about anything though to avoid those meltdowns. This evening had started with a messy spaghetti dinner and a refusal to bathe, so bring on the games, the jumping through hoops and the bells and whistles. Luckily, my husband is fantastic at this. It’s crazy the things he can get him to do, although I am thinking that all the competitiveness may come back to haunt us later. Guess I’ll worry about that then! Side note: there’s nothing better than seeing them play together.  Our youngest getting bigger is such a double-edged sword. I want him to stay this little baby, but I love that they are getting to an age where they can play and enjoy each other.


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  1. aaawww – this is soo cute… Yes – I know exactly how you feel on all of that! 1) if they are playing or competing then they (my boys) will do it! especially when it comes to changing clothes or getting in the tub – I say ‘who can get their clothes off first?’ otherwise it’s like they don’t even hear me! and I wonder if I’ll regret it one day but honestly – they thrive on competition anyway. my youngest is now two already and I don’t remember him being a baby b/c he always wants to do what his older brother is doing… cute pic!

  2. Bath time seems so fun! My mom played the same “games” with us too when we were younger and it totally worked! My Project 52 this week was about our “fur-babies” being a part of our family and motherhood.


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