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Valentine’s Day marked the first birthday of my littlest man. I can’t believe we are here already. I know people always say, “I feel like it was yesterday…” but I honestly do feel like I brought him home like a month ago! We’ve flown through all the first year milestones that I felt took forever to get here with my oldest. Tillman has always been more of an observer, so sweet and pretty quiet, while Dylan is total opposite, but when they are with each other it just works. We celebrated Tillman with a party full of yummy food and lots of friends and balloons and he loved it! He totally knew it was his day and played into all the attention. I was so proud of Dylan too. I  thought he would have a hard time understanding it was Tillman’s day, but it was the exact opposite. He was so proud of his brother and wanted everyone to know it was his special time. I definitely shed some tears because I felt my baby was growing too quickly, but I was completely overcome by emotion and the thought of how much love  and happiness and good health we have been blessed with. We are so very grateful for each other and look forward to many, many more celebrations!


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  1. I can’t believe he is one already!!! We love both of those little boys so much and can not wait to watch them grow into wonderful young men!

  2. One year already! Our little girl is 8.5 months old right now and I am excited and dreading that day. I feel like you, I swear I just brought her home from the hospital!


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