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Come and join me!

I have a new home!

New home. New posts. New blog. Join me over there! 


Short Hiatus

We have been fortunate to be able to take time away and visit family, and because I’m trying to soak it all in, and we are so busy I will not be around a computer often or have access to pictures for my project 52. I plan on catching up when I get back but until then I’ll post little diddes if I can 🙂

Project 52:6 | Boy World











Valentine’s Day marked the first birthday of my littlest man. I can’t believe we are here already. I know people always say, “I feel like it was yesterday…” but I honestly do feel like I brought him home like a month ago! We’ve flown through all the first year milestones that I felt took forever to get here with my oldest. Tillman has always been more of an observer, so sweet and pretty quiet, while Dylan is total opposite, but when they are with each other it just works. We celebrated Tillman with a party full of yummy food and lots of friends and balloons and he loved it! He totally knew it was his day and played into all the attention. I was so proud of Dylan too. I  thought he would have a hard time understanding it was Tillman’s day, but it was the exact opposite. He was so proud of his brother and wanted everyone to know it was his special time. I definitely shed some tears because I felt my baby was growing too quickly, but I was completely overcome by emotion and the thought of how much love  and happiness and good health we have been blessed with. We are so very grateful for each other and look forward to many, many more celebrations!

Project 52:5 | Boy World

Our house is chaotic majority of the day. On the occasion that I am able to get both boys down for an afternoon nap around the same time I have a just enough time to catch my breath and try and get some chores done. Around dinner time everything hits a whole new level of crazy – my oldest is excited that Daddy’s home and is bouncing off the wall, I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, and my youngest is underneath me pulling on my legs and screaming because I’m not cooking fast enough. From that point on we are pushing through to bedtime, which usually means lots of toys thrown around from Dylan’s pre-dinner playing, bath time, and negotiating them into pajamas. It is quite a fiasco and apparently not only for us.

No matter how crazy it may get there are the rare occasions when they accidently fall asleep and when it happens it is adorable. Lately, it’s been mostly our youngest and man that sweet face and little snore always makes me smile. This warm, tingly feeling comes over me, and I feel the emotion take over, the tears dwelling. The same thing happens when Dylan miraculously falls asleep with us on the couch although it is much more rare. It’s a moment where I miss the babies that they once were, but am so proud of who they are. I am able to reflect on the fact that I have this unexplainable love for these perfect little people, a love that I can hardly understand let alone find the words to describe. It literally takes my breath away. I want for nothing more than to scoop them up and snuggle with them, followed by their soft little breaths keeping me warm through in our bed while we snuggle some more.

Then of course I realize that IF I scoop them up they will wake up and there will be no more quiet, serene little boys and definitely no snuggling and IF I let them cozy up in our bed we would be the ones getting no sleep. So I watch quietly take in the moment and usher them off to bed where they will continue their sweet dreams, while Mama relaxes with non-animated television shows, a glass of wine, and of course my hubby.

If you are interested in seeing other blogs that are doing Project 52s see below. I’ll continue to link as I find them.

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Alive and Well


I have been slacking. I got caught up with our move and unpacking, and then the holidays were here and well the rest is history. Nonetheless, it is a new year and I have new plans. Along with more posts I hope to add some pretty cool projects. Please stay tuned later this week!

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I began a few weeks ago reading some random blogs. I enjoyed the variety of topics covered and how through they were. I also began to hear people refer to their blogs – apparently everyone was doing it, and I had no idea. Now I know how my Grandma feels when I talk about “the facebook.” I immediately started toying with the idea, but decided that I was a private person and didn’t want my business out there. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, so I started a faux-blog. I began randomly typing word documents to see if it was something I enjoyed, and if I even had anything to really write about. The deciding factor for me was when I decided that being a private person had nothing to do with my blogging. Let’s be honest no one could be reading this. I wanted to blog so that I could have an online journal for myself, as well as a sounding board where I could empty my head. I also had come up with a cute title: Bugs & Boo-Boos for my boys. I had went back and forth for weeks and each time went to my husband to get his opinion – his response was to agree with me whichever way I was leaning that day. Typical. Recently we took a road trip, and left at 6:00 am. We hit the highway, and I began my discussion on why I had decided to pursue a blog. Not even five second into my declaration my husband interrupts with, “You’ve just been dying to trap me in the car for a long drive haven’t you, so you could talk about this?” I will say I didn’t necessarily plan it that way, but it sure was a great idea! Thanks, Sweets I’ll be using that tactic in the future.