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Since Dylan was two months old he has slept through the night, and I have thanked my lucky stars! The lack of sleep was my biggest worry about having another baby since I had been spoiled. Sometime around the chaotic potty training escapades we decided why not completely make ourselves crazy – let’s put Dylan in a toddler bed! Don’t get me wrong I think he was more than ready, but there was no real reason it was necessary. I had heard other mom’s stories about their kids climbing like monkeys out of their crib so they had no other choice, but if my son wanted to sleep in a “cage” (as he called it) until he was ten it didn’t really matter. Maybe I just felt that if I dealt with all the big boy stuff at once ie. potty training and toddler beds it would be easier for me to get through it all at once rather than prolong my breaking heart.

We took him to get his sheets and transformed his crib. He was so excited and handled it really well. It was a completely different story for Felix and I. First he had to ask us to leave, because we kept asking, “Are you sure you’re okay?” Then both of us lectured him at least twice about calling us if he needed anything. We finally made our way to the hallway and as Felix teared up looking in on him I completely fell apart! Going on and on about how I don’t have a baby anymore (nevermind the two month old sleeping upstairs), and how he doesn’t need me anymore, and how he’ll be running off to school next year and will forget all about me! Yes I’m completely irrational when I get emotional.

One thing I didn’t think of in my meltdown was now he can escape. Whenever he wants. We hear him creeping into our room at 6:30 am talking about, “Mommy and Daddy your baby boy is awake.” Felix taught him to say this after the first morning when he came in to wake him and scared the living daylights out him when he came in and yelled, “Hey Daddy” slamming his hands down on his pillow.

To some 6:30 am may be perfect. They could get an early start on cleaning, shower and get ready, yada yada. One thing that is very certain is I am NOT a morning person! I will finish up projects, shower, and do some cleaning at night if it means ten more minutes of sleep in the morning. So I miss the sweet boy who would sleep until 8:30 am no problem. I know that one day he will go to school and 6:30 am will have to be the norm, but I thought I had at least another year until this was necessary.

Our first plan of don’t come out until there is light outside failed, since I forgot that the sun does come up around 6:30 am. At least he listened I guess. Then I saw a bunny night light that was brilliant! When the light lit up the bunny sleep you stay in your room, when the bunny was playing it was time to get up. We had planned on ordering it. After talking with a friend of mine about what she did – plug the night light in to a timer (like the ones used for Christmas tree lights) we decided that we’d try that first and save some money. It was almost the same idea anyway minus the cute little bunnies. We had a little struggle the first morning, but in typical Zantia fashion it was horrible timing. We chose the night we celebrated his birthday, which meant sprinting up to the new toys the next morning.

He’s trying to get used to it, and with the help of the timer we have been able to get him to stay in his room until 7:15 am and because I have the most AMAZING husband in the world he takes him to the bathroom and serves him breakfast before he leaves to work. I know I’ve very spoiled and lucky! Tillman and I stumble out around 7:30 am. It’s still early, but not 6:30 am, street lights still lit early. Dylan’s an early riser just like his father and as dramatic as his mother, so while he is “starving” for breakfast in the morning I am “dying” from exhaustion. What can you do? My baby isn’t a baby anymore he’s a rooster!