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Versatile Blogger Award Winner!

After taking a ridiculously long hiatus I was happy to come back and find that there was still somebody reading my blog! I was even more excited when I found out that I was nominated for a award, which I am happy to accept.

Thanks to Pamela over at Stories of a Mom for not only sticking with me, but for giving me a Versatile Blogger Award!

Official Rules of the Award

1) Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post.
2) Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
3) Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
4) Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

About Me:

  1. Being a mom AND a wife has made me a better person.
  2. I believe every woman deserves to be in a happy relationship – one where both partners offer each other love, support, understanding, friendship, and teamwork.
  3. Becoming a full-time stay at home mom was quite an adjustment for me.
  4. I love that a date night for me and the hubby is catching up on our favorite television shows, snuggling, and snacks.
  5. I sometimes daydream about what my boys will be when they grow up, who they will be, and where life will take them.
  6. I miss my family EVERY SINGLE DAY that we are away from them, but as much as I miss them I LOVE where we are and the the life we are creating.
  7. I enjoy spending my downtime reading magazines, cooking, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and crafting.

I would like to award:

  1. Styleberry
  2. mcbabybump
  3. The Carters Family
  4. Boy Mom Blog
  5. Babies, Design & Food
  6. Me, Myself, and Mi Familia
  7. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
  8. The Hughs Zoo
  9. The Janner Triplets
  10. The “J” Crew
  11. Ruesch Love
  12. Brooke and Michael
  13. theloflands
  14. Joy’ Hope
  15. My Life in the Making

These are the blogs that I find to be interesting, and fun! I hope you can pop on over and visit them as well.


To Blog or Not to Blog?

I began a few weeks ago reading some random blogs. I enjoyed the variety of topics covered and how through they were. I also began to hear people refer to their blogs – apparently everyone was doing it, and I had no idea. Now I know how my Grandma feels when I talk about “the facebook.” I immediately started toying with the idea, but decided that I was a private person and didn’t want my business out there. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, so I started a faux-blog. I began randomly typing word documents to see if it was something I enjoyed, and if I even had anything to really write about. The deciding factor for me was when I decided that being a private person had nothing to do with my blogging. Let’s be honest no one could be reading this. I wanted to blog so that I could have an online journal for myself, as well as a sounding board where I could empty my head. I also had come up with a cute title: Bugs & Boo-Boos for my boys. I had went back and forth for weeks and each time went to my husband to get his opinion – his response was to agree with me whichever way I was leaning that day. Typical. Recently we took a road trip, and left at 6:00 am. We hit the highway, and I began my discussion on why I had decided to pursue a blog. Not even five second into my declaration my husband interrupts with, “You’ve just been dying to trap me in the car for a long drive haven’t you, so you could talk about this?” I will say I didn’t necessarily plan it that way, but it sure was a great idea! Thanks, Sweets I’ll be using that tactic in the future.