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To Blog or Not to Blog?

I began a few weeks ago reading some random blogs. I enjoyed the variety of topics covered and how through they were. I also began to hear people refer to their blogs – apparently everyone was doing it, and I had no idea. Now I know how my Grandma feels when I talk about “the facebook.” I immediately started toying with the idea, but decided that I was a private person and didn’t want my business out there. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, so I started a faux-blog. I began randomly typing word documents to see if it was something I enjoyed, and if I even had anything to really write about. The deciding factor for me was when I decided that being a private person had nothing to do with my blogging. Let’s be honest no one could be reading this. I wanted to blog so that I could have an online journal for myself, as well as a sounding board where I could empty my head. I also had come up with a cute title: Bugs & Boo-Boos for my boys. I had went back and forth for weeks and each time went to my husband to get his opinion – his response was to agree with me whichever way I was leaning that day. Typical. Recently we took a road trip, and left at 6:00 am. We hit the highway, and I began my discussion on why I had decided to pursue a blog. Not even five second into my declaration my husband interrupts with, “You’ve just been dying to trap me in the car for a long drive haven’t you, so you could talk about this?” I will say I didn’t necessarily plan it that way, but it sure was a great idea! Thanks, Sweets I’ll be using that tactic in the future.