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“Pee Pee in the Pot-tay”

We started potty training Dylan on March 25, so we are 33 days into it and he’s doing great with a small exception for the last week. Yes, I know the exact number of days as I’m sure any parent who is in it probably does. I know exactly how long we’ve been working, because my goodness this is quite a job! I had no idea. I feel that holding a baby, feeding a baby, just caring for a baby is almost instinctive. We teach our children to eat, walk, talk, run and jump, but teaching a child how to collaborate a feeling, the timing, and focusing is not an easy feat. Not to mention that choosing the time to start the process is stressful as well. I wanted to wait until we had made the relocation to Wyoming, so Tillman would be a little older and I wouldn’t have figure out how I was going to manage potty training and nursing on the 22 hour drive there.

Once we found out we were staying that threw those plans out the window, and I really didn’t have a back-up plan in place so we just waited. Then we made our first trip to buy diapers for both boys, and that was enough to give me a swift kick in the behind! Dylan was going to be potty trained because we were not going to spend the unnecessary money. We bravely jumped in fully armed with underwear (that Dylan picked out), flushable wipes, and Tillman who was cheering him on at just under two months (this is why I said bravely). We chose the “naked potty training” method, as I like to call it. I had a friend and family member who had great results. The plan is to have the child completely naked for three days and within a week or two viola! Dylan had no accidents during naked time, but when we put his underwear on him he did have a few…let’s be honest days four and five were just a mess! But after he realized his underwear was not a diaper he did fine. The second week was real hit or miss – when we were home he did great, when we were out he was distracted and we had a mess.

Having a toddler makes it nearly impossible to be embarrassed by the way. Yes, my son is standing in his own urine in the pew at church, mop it up with a paper towel, sanitize it with a wipe, and shuttle him to the bathroom for the second time this morning. Completely unfazed. I will say my child or not it’s still gross! Everywhere I go I smell urine, but as with most stages it is going by quickly (thank goodness!) and he is doing so well. After about two weeks of no accidents and even having him wake up at night to go to the bathroom, which I wasn’t expecting until much later, he ended up getting the flu and it set him back 😦 At first he’d get so upset that he couldn’t control it, but eventually after three days of me talking him through it and resorting to pull-ups to avoid the constant mess he became lazy. Nonetheless, I’m going to bravely put it out there – My child is for the most part potty trained, and as long as you’ve suffered through potty training your own child you know that there is such thing as “for the most part.”