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Project 52:5 | Boy World

Our house is chaotic majority of the day. On the occasion that I am able to get both boys down for an afternoon nap around the same time I have a just enough time to catch my breath and try and get some chores done. Around dinner time everything hits a whole new level of crazy – my oldest is excited that Daddy’s home and is bouncing off the wall, I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, and my youngest is underneath me pulling on my legs and screaming because I’m not cooking fast enough. From that point on we are pushing through to bedtime, which usually means lots of toys thrown around from Dylan’s pre-dinner playing, bath time, and negotiating them into pajamas. It is quite a fiasco and apparently not only for us.

No matter how crazy it may get there are the rare occasions when they accidently fall asleep and when it happens it is adorable. Lately, it’s been mostly our youngest and man that sweet face and little snore always makes me smile. This warm, tingly feeling comes over me, and I feel the emotion take over, the tears dwelling. The same thing happens when Dylan miraculously falls asleep with us on the couch although it is much more rare. It’s a moment where I miss the babies that they once were, but am so proud of who they are. I am able to reflect on the fact that I have this unexplainable love for these perfect little people, a love that I can hardly understand let alone find the words to describe. It literally takes my breath away. I want for nothing more than to scoop them up and snuggle with them, followed by their soft little breaths keeping me warm through in our bed while we snuggle some more.

Then of course I realize that IF I scoop them up they will wake up and there will be no more quiet, serene little boys and definitely no snuggling and IF I let them cozy up in our bed we would be the ones getting no sleep. So I watch quietly take in the moment and usher them off to bed where they will continue their sweet dreams, while Mama relaxes with non-animated television shows, a glass of wine, and of course my hubby.

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Project 52:4 | Boy World

I’m starting to learn with my very stubborn and independent three year old that the only way to get him to do what we want when he’s in a mood (which is now most of the time) is to make him think it was his idea or make it a game. He jumps at the opportunity, although it definitely tests my patience more haha! I’ll do just about anything though to avoid those meltdowns. This evening had started with a messy spaghetti dinner and a refusal to bathe, so bring on the games, the jumping through hoops and the bells and whistles. Luckily, my husband is fantastic at this. It’s crazy the things he can get him to do, although I am thinking that all the competitiveness may come back to haunt us later. Guess I’ll worry about that then! Side note: there’s nothing better than seeing them play together.  Our youngest getting bigger is such a double-edged sword. I want him to stay this little baby, but I love that they are getting to an age where they can play and enjoy each other.

Project 52:3 | Boy World

There is a sort of child-like behavior that men really never grow out of, and I witness it every day when my husband plays with our boys. There is constant wrestling, tackling, running, jumping, dirt, and the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes I envy that playful, carefree excitement with which they do even the smallest tasks, but I’ve come to understand that’s their special bond. I want them to hold on to that amazing father/son relationship as long as possible. Watching my husband play with our boys gives me butterflies. He’s full of life and laughter, and there is still that glimmer of a fearless, fun-loving child in his eyes, and that’s what I want for our little men. All my boys appreciate the smallest things, which helps to remind me to lighten up too. For many it may have been a cold, windy, indoors kind of day, but for my boys it was a perfect opportunity to have some fun with their kites.

Project 52:2 | Boy World

This is one of those moments where I’m sprinting to my camera to ensure I don’t miss it! That way when they get a little older I can prove that they were sweet to each other at one time. Watching our babies learn new things and become more independent is always amazing, although bittersweet. Now with our second it is even better, because we get to see more and more of these moments with the boys. Moments when Dylan is stepping sweetly into that big brother role. He tries to teach him how to do things by himself, for instance feeding himself and when Tillman makes a bit of a mess Dylan’s right there to help him and clean him up. It warms my heart, and brings a tear to my eye.

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Project 52:1 | Boy World

I have decided to participate in a Project 52. After being inspired (again!) by my favorite blog Styleberry. My goal is to choose one picture every week  that follows the theme that I have chosen. In the end I hope to have a well-rounded collection of not just pictures, but memories our little boys. I’m very excited about it, because instead of having just another collection of pictures it will tell a story. I wanted to pick a theme that would be versatile, and fun, but would also give a glimpse into my day to day. Boy World is my life – always has been. I’m the only girl on both sides of my family, so growing up was full of mud, stink, food, and blood. Who would have thought that I am  still the little bit of pink estrogen in the “man cave” that is my own home? Along with my husband we have our two handsome boys, and our dog Eddie which means Mama is very well taken care of by her boys, and even with all the crazy I wouldn’t have it any other way! So we begin the weekly glimpse into all of the fun that is BOY WORLD!

They are so easy to entertain as long as you don’t mind rolling around on the floor and getting slobbered on! It is loud and often hard to breath when you get caught underneath it all, but nothing makes them light up more than the idea of their Dad and Mom acting like little kids too. Then again nothing makes us light up more than being smothered by kisses from our boys – this time was Daddy’s turn!

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