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Say What [pt. 2] | Memory Memos

The project continues with more funny ramblings from Mr. Dylan!

Dylan: “I can’t wait to go to school all by myself and leave Mama and Daddy here.”

Dylan to Tillman while Tillman’s crying: “Oh you’re talking about Daddy being at work. Oh you want Daddy. He can be here in no time.”

Dylan to Tillman while I change Tillman’s diaper: “You’re supposed to tell me when you have to go potty.”

Dylan: “Don’t worry Tillman I’m here.”

Dylan: “Momma went to the hospital and she bought me my baby.”

Dylan to Felix while Felix is punishing him and putting all his toys up: “Here Daddy you forgot these ones too. Whew! Glad that’s over.”

Dylan: “I have a little breast though, Mommy, not a big one.”

Part one.


Say What [pt. 1] | Memory Memos

I started this blog as a way to journal, and remember things about my day or my experiences, and sometimes there is just a funny comment from my son or my husband that makes me laugh or cry or just feel special. There’s not much of a story to tell with them, but there are the sweet nothings that brighten my day and make me smile. So I’ve started this series called “Memory Memos” where I collect all those special comments.

Dylan: “Hey Mama, I’m respectful but I’m not berry nice cuz I’m a kid.”

Dylan to me: “I love you berry much…and something else. And daddy loves you.”

Dylan to me at bedtime: “Mama go upstairs and tell Daddy that you’re my girl, and he’s my guy.”

A conversation between Dylan and Felix: “Daddy that hurt my feelings cuz you yelled at me. Felix: “Come and talk to me.” Dylan: “Daddy I needed some time.” Felix:  “I’m sorry that yelled but it frustrates me when you don’t listen to me.” Dylan: “Well i wanted to play with you and you said to wait.” Felix: “I can’t always drop everything and play with you, but I will always try my best.”

If these statements/conversations prove anything about Dylan it’s that he’s insightful, possessive, dramatic, and sweet. 🙂